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October 25th, 2014

Quick hairstyles party We got hotties to tell us what turns them on when it comes to the makeup you wear.
This is just a quick tutorial on sexy hairstyles perfect for parties and going out on dates and so on.
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Easy and quick party hairstyles give a break from your monotonous look and give you a trendy and gorgeous look.
Part your hair into a side parting and clip up the bangs onto either side of the head.
Set the curls with strong hold hairspray and then tease the curls to separate the curls well.
We have seen celebrities hairstyles sport this look on red carpet and this hairstyle has always been a style statement.
You can either create a bun with the rest of the hair or create a half up half down style.
This sexy high ponytail with a pouf works perfectly with almost all outfits specially with little black dress.
Prep your hair by applying volumizing mousse to give hair roots volume and texture.
Stay upto date on the Latest trends and get solutions for all your beauty queries.
Here are my favourite top five party hairstyles that do not need the perfection of a hairstylist and can be recreated by anyone at home.
Part your hair on the side and spritz some texturising hair spray to add some grip to your hair and make it easier to style.
Strands that do not fit in can be twisted and pinned just above the ponytail band or can be loosely tucked behind your ear for a messy look.
If you want more body in your hair then you can do so by adding curls in your ponytail.
Now pull your hair back using your fingers and twist into a bun just below your crown.
Now carefully tease out or pull up the front sections using your fingers to give your hairstyle a flirty finish.
To make things easier for yourself and also prevent your look from being lopsided keep in mind to pull sections from opposite side.
Pin each section to the teased area and finish off by spritzing some shine spray all over and do.
The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can create as polished or as messy look as you want depending upon the occasion.
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Work the latest chic and easy party updo hairstyles without the help of a pro hairdresser.
Those who are fond of the versatile sculpting techniques will have the chance to experiment with a multitude of flirty looks.
Find inspiration for your wintry looks just taking a glimpse at the latest trends spotted on the runways.
Prepare to party this season choosing one hairstyle that totally complements your face.
Women usually want to impress relatives and friends with a new sophisticated look for the holidays.
You just have to follow a few quick and easy holiday makeup tips and get ready to shine.

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