How to dye your hair black without chemicals

How to dye your hair black without chemicals Although most of the shelf bought hair dyes have been developed to be less harsh and much safer than previously they are still loaded with chemicals.
There are ways to dye hair naturally and these are not only much gentler to the hair but are also a greener alternative.
Natural hair dyes work far mote subtly than chemical dyes and often require many applications before real results can be seen.
The acid in lemons works as a natural bleach that is intensified and accelerated by exposing the treated hair to UV rays from sunlight.
As lemon juice acts as a bleach be aware that using it on dark hair may turn it red or lighter brown rather than blond depending on your natural hair color.
Some people find it easier to put the lemon juice into a spray bottle for application.
The lemon juice can work quite slowly over several applications so highlighting specific areas can be tricky.
Strain and allow to cool completely before applying to hair ensuring complete saturation.
I was forced to dye my hair black and cut it all off into a super cute pixie cut.
I would have my hair cut by a barber and it was in his barber shop where I learned about Bigen Hair Dye .
Henna and indigo are plants that are generally considered very safe to use on hair.
Henna and indigo are generally considered safe for women who are pregnant or nursing.
Henna and indigo are generally considered safe for people who are allergic to chemical hair dye.
Before trying any of these you should know that the color shows up best with light colors of hair.
If you try to use these with dark hair the color will show up as more of a pink or red tint.
Bleaching your hair to a lighter color first is the easiest way to get a bright shade of pink.
This will turn light blonde hair pink but any other colored hair may look more red.
You just put cranberry juice into your hair and let it set for the day and wash out with water in the evening.
But since they are only temporary they are useful to see if you like having pink hair.
These two choice are completely natural so they are safe for you and the environment.
How to naturally dye your hair red at home How to dye your hair red naturally at home.
These methods are natural so they will not cause much damage to your hair if any at all.
How to Darken your hair color naturally at home How to darken your hair color with natural products at home.
How to lighten your hair naturally at home Tips to naturally lighten your hair at home.
Odd But Cool Hair Color Ideas The most common mistake made by thousands of women is coloring the hair without considering their skin tone.
The gene for red hair also causes an increased sensitivity to sunlight and a reduced sensitivity to anesthesia.
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California Level 3 Commenter Very interesting idea on using food coloring to dye your hair.
Brittanie2216   5 months ago from Seattle WA Hub Author I am glad to help thank you for the comment.
Brittanie2216   5 months ago from Seattle WA Hub Author Thank you for commenting You can use food coloring for other colors too.
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In the misty dawn of time before there was recorded history there was a tribe of inventive hunters.
More and more consumers are straying away from chemical hair dyes and looking to less harmful solutions that will lighten or darken their hair.
I have used henna before which is excellent for conditioning as well as coloring.

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